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It doesn’t matter if you are an 18-year-old looking to start in MMA or a 55-year-old looking for a new hobby. It doesn’t matter if you are in shape or out of shape.

At Next Edge Jiu Jitsu We are a community and we are always looking for new members.

Next Edge Jiu Jitsu has helped members lose over 100 lbs, including the owner! We have also helped send fighters to the UFC. Again it doesn’t matter if you are a hobbyist or you want to train as a pro. We have a spot for you.

Next Edge Online Jiu JItsu Classes

How does this work?

Basically, we used a flipped classroom model. Meaning all or most of your instruction will be learned online through instructional videos.
The biggest resource in your training is time on the mats and we want to make sure we use that to it’s maximum.
So with that in mind, you will watch the videos in this series at your own pace and then come in the gym and attempt them while coaches watch to make sure you are doing it right.

History of Brazilian JIu-Jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. Brazilian jiu-jitsu was formed from Kodokan judo ground fighting (newaza) fundamentals that were taught by a number of individuals including Takeo Yano, Mitsuyo Maeda and Soshihiro Satake.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu eventually came to be its own combat sport through the experiments, practices, and adaptation of judo through Carlos and Hélio Gracie (who passed their knowledge on to their extended family) as well as other instructors who were students of Maeda, such as Luiz França.

BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves or another against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using proper technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground, and then applying joint locks and chokeholds to defeat the opponent.

Jiu Jitsu training can be used for sport grappling tournaments and in self-defense situations. Sparring (commonly referred to as “rolling” within the BJJ community) and live drilling play a major role in training, and a premium is placed on performance, especially in competition, in relation to progress and ascension through its ranking system.

It is not solely a martial art; it is also a sport, a method for promoting physical fitness and building character in young people, and ultimately a way of life.

Here at One Combat Academy, we follow the NEXT EDGE ACADEMY curriculum created by BJJ Black Belt Bruce Hoyer and it is broken down so everyone, Seasoned in the gentle art or brand new to the mats can succeed and achieve in the program.

This program allows you to study at home with our Online training site to maximize the time spent on the mats perfecting your technique.

We focus on a “family first” motto. We take care of our own and want you to feel welcome at all time.

Competition is not a must here at One Combat Academy but we do having fun competing and winning!

Stop in and talk with our coaches today and find out why One Combat Academy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is right for you!