Geoff Owens

Geoff Owens has trained in various forms of Martial Arts throughout his life.

He has experience in Tae-Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Systema, Muay Thai, Boxing, and recently received certification as a Journeyman Level 1 in Snakepit USA Catch Wrestling .

He is a Green Belt in Judo under Sensei Johnny S. Tureaud of Sioux City’s American Judo Club and a 1st place finisher in the 2013 Iowa State Judo Championships in the Advanced division.

Geoff has an impressive 9-4 record in Amateur MMA competition and attended the 2016 KOTC World Amateur Championships.

Geoff started off his career training under Sioux City MMA legend and coach Chuck Parmalee and training out of Rough House MMA.

Owens joined the coaching staff at Renegade Combat Sports in 2014 as an Assistant MMA Coach and assumed the mantel of Head MMA Coach in 2016 with One Combat Academy.

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